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Ref: JC10-1

Subject: Junior Cert Science (Ordinary & Higher)

Start Date: 28th January 2021

Day/Time: Thursday’s @ 7:15 pm

Class Duration: 21 Hours of Live Online Grinds

  • 16 Lessons, 1 Hour per week (Jan – Apr)
  • 5 hour 1 Day Intensive Exam Focused Grinds (May)

Give students a better understanding of their subject and build confidence.



Tuition Farm’s grind courses run for 16 weeks from January to April for 1 hour each week.

The 16-week course will be followed by a 1 day 5-hour intensive class which will focus on past exam papers.

All lessons are recorded, this is so students can go over past content or catch up on lessons they may have missed.

All lessons are delivered without any interruptions, however, students will be able to ask the tutor questions during the last 15 minutes of the lesson.

Courses start in January and registration will open in December.

The cost of our grinds courses (21 hours tuition) will be €199.




  • Our grinds classes are held online via Zoom.
  • We will email the instructions on how to join our Zoom classes 1 week before the class begins.
  • If you are buying this class for someone else, please include their email address in the “Additional Information” section on checkout.
  • Students should join the class 5-10 minutes before the start time and check they have a good internet connection.

What Will I Learn?

  • Improved Knowledge of Subject
  • Build Confidence

Topics for this course


Thinking and Working Scientifically?

A brief overview of laboratory safety and equipment. Followed by an in depth look at the stages of planning and carrying out experiments. Focus is placed on definition of key words such as hypothesis, observations, data, etc and identifying equipment and safety symbols. Linked to the Nature of Science Strand Learning Outcomes

The Cell, Microorganisms, and Living Things?

This lessons focuses looking at what living things are made of and identifying what characters living things must have.

The Organ Systems?

This lesson focuses on the different organ systems, what their main functions are their relationship to one another.

Human Reproduction?

This lesson looks how humans reproduce, the functions of the male and female sex organs and wider societal issues regarding human reproduction.


This lesson focuses on how traits are passed from parents to children, the importance of chromosomes and what they do, and the theory of evolution.

Structure and Processes of Plant Life and Photosynthesis?

This lesson focuses on how plants reproduce, the organs they use for this, and how and why plants perform photosynthesis.


This lesson looks at ecosystems and how the different animals in an ecosystem are connected through the food chain. It will also look at the equipment and equations required when carrying out an ecological survey.

Matter, Atoms and the Periodic Table?

This lesson focuses on what matter is and what it is made up of. It will look at the structure of the atom and how elements are arranged on the periodic.

Compounds, Mixtures and Solutions, and Separating Techniques?

This lesson follows on from the previous week. It focuses on the difference between elements, mixtures and compounds, and how we can use different techniques to separate mixtures.

Acids and Bases, Chemical Reactions and Bonding?

This lesson focuses on what acids and bases are and substances we can use to identify acids and bases. We will then look at chemical reactions and how elements combine to form ionic and covalent bonds.

Measuring the Physical World, and Density?

This lesson will look at what units and tools we use to measure different things, and how we can use this to calculate area and volume. We will then look at density, including how to calculate density.

Energy and Electricity?

We will focus on energy, such as its different forms and how it can change from one form to another. Next, we will look at electricity including how to read the symbols on a circuit diagram.

Forces, Light and Heat?

We will then look at different physical phenomena. We will finish by focusing on looking at the different integrations of heat and light.

The Origins of the Universe and Our Solar System?

This lesson will look at the origins on the universe and different celestial objects in our Solar System.

The Earth, Moon and Sun?

This lesson will look at models of the Sun and Earth relationship, the different phases of the moon and how celestial events such as eclipses and seasons occur. Finally, we will look at what the Earth is made of and the structure of the planet.

The Cycling of Matter, Sustainability and Climate Change?

This lesson will focus on the cycling of matter on our planet. We will then look at environmental issues facing the human race. Finally, we will look at space flight and the international space station and how we use telescopes to study the universe.
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Material Includes

  • Total of 21 Hours Tuition
  • 16 x 1 Hour Online Grinds Lessons (Jan to Apr)
  • 1 x 5 Hour Day, Exam Focused Grinds (May)


  • Internet Connection
  • Zoom (Free or Paid)

Target Audience

  • Junior Cert Students

Live Online Grinds Subjects:

Maths, English, Gaelige, Geography, History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, Economics, Home Economics, Technology, Engineering, DCG, Computer Science, Religious Education, Construction Studies, Physical Education, Politics and Society, Agricultural Studies.


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