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Subject: Junior Cert Home Economics (Ordinary & Higher)

Start Date: 29th September 2021

Day/Time: Wednesday’s @ 7:15 pm

Class Duration:

  • September 2021 to April 2022
  • 24 Weeks of Live Online Grinds
  • 1 Hour Classes

Give students a better understanding of their subject and build confidence.



Tuition Farm’s live online grinds classes are taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers, who are experts in their subject.

Classes are presented in a lecture style format with a Q & A session at the end.

Our style of teaching provides students with the opportunity to learn in an uninterrupted environment and equips them with the fundamental skills required for life in higher education.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality learning resources that will help students achieve higher exam results.



This course runs from September 2021 to April 2022 and will cover content from the current curriculum.

All live classes are recorded, which allows students to revise over the previous content covered or catch up on any live classes they may have missed.

All student gets a complete set of class revision notes in advance of each lesson.

The total cost of this live online grinds course is only €239.



Below is a recording of one of our classes from early 2021, along with a copy of the class notes for the lesson.


Class Notes for Above Lesson



  • Our live grinds classes are held online via Zoom.
  • Every live online grinds has a Q&A session at the end.
  • We will email the instructions on how to join our Zoom classes the week before the class begins.
  • If you are buying this class for someone else, please include their email address in the “Additional Information” section on checkout.
  • Students should join their class 5-10 minutes before the start time and check they have a good internet connection.


What Will I Learn?

  • Improved Knowledge of Subject
  • Build Confidence

Topics for this course


Food Health and Culinary Skills (Strand 1)?

Protein - Composition - Classification and Sources - Enzymes - Function of Protein - Deficiency Fats - Composition - Classification and Sources - Function of Fat in the body - Impacts of a High Fat Diet - Omega 3 Carbohydrates - Composition - Classification and Sources - Function of Carbs in the body - Importance of Including Fibre in the Diet

Nutrition: Micronutrients and Water (Strand 1)?

Minerals - Classification and Sources, - Importance of Minerals in the Diet - Deficiencies Vitamins - Classification and Sources - Importance of Vitamins in the Diet - Vitamin Deficiency - Vitaminosis Water - Composition of Water - Properties of Water - Sources of Water in the Diet - Function of Water in the diet - Dehydration

Diet Across the Lifecycle and Menu Planning (Strand 1)?

Specific Dietary Requirements of: - Babies - Children up to 13 - Teenagers 13 – 18 - Adults - Pregnant Women - Elderly - Convalescents

Special Diets (Strand 1)?

Obesity - What and Why - Health Problems - Treatment - Menu Options Vegetarians - Classification/Types - Why Become Vegetarian - Guidelines for a Vegetarian Diet - Menu Options Low Salt Diets - Effects of a Diet High in Sodium - Guidelines for Reducing Sodium Intake - Menu Options

Commodities: Fruit, Veg and Cereals (Strand 1)?

Fruit - Classification and Sources - Composition - Nutritive and Dietetic Value - Culinary Uses - Buying, Storing Preparing and Cooking Guidelines - EU Grading Vegetables - Classification and Sources, - Composition - Nutritive and Dietetic Value - Culinary Uses - Buying, Storing Preparing and Cooking Guidelines - Eu Grading Cereal, Breads, Potatoes, Pasta and Rice - Structure of the Cereal Grain - Composition of Cereal - Examples of Grains - Nutritive and Dietetic Value of Cereals - Effect of Cooking on Cereals - Types of Flour, - Types of Rice - Potatoes and Pasta as a Source of Carbohydrates

Commodities: Milk Yoghurt and Cheese Meat (Strand 1)?

Milk - Milk Processing - Types of Milk - Composition of Milk - Nutritive and Dietetic Value of Milk - Culinary Uses of Milk - Effects of Heat on Milk Yoghurt - Production - Culinary uses of Yoghurt Cheese - Production - Composition of Cheese - Classification - Nutritive and Dietetic Value - Culinary uses - Effect of Heat on Cheese Guidelines for Buying and Storing Dairy Products Meat - Classification - Structure - Composition - Nutritive and Dietetic Value - Guidelines for Storing, Cooking, Preparing and Buying Meat - Effects of Cooking on Meat / Methods of Cooking Meat

Commodities: Fish, Eggs and Alternative Proteins (Strand 1)?

Fish - Classification of Fish - Composition of Fish - Nutritive and Dietetic Value of Fish - Culinary Uses - Guidelines for Buying and Storing Fish - Methods of Cooking Fish / Effects of Cooking on Fish Eggs - Types of Eggs - Structure of Eggs - Composition of Eggs - Nutritive and Dietetic Value of Eggs - Culinary Uses - Labelling Alternative Proteins - Nutritive and Dietetic Value of Tofu - TVP - Mycoprotein - Use of Nuts and Seeds a Source of Protein

Processing, Preservation, Packaging and Labelling (Strand 1)?

Processing - Define food processing - Advantages and Disadvantages of Food Processing - Additives Preservation - Define Food Preservation - Advantages and Disadvantages - Methods of Preservation: Freezing, Blanching, Drying, Canning/Bottling Packaging and labelling - Function of Food Packaging - Characteristics of Good Packaging - Disadvantages of Packaging - Label Info

Digestion and Allergens and Intolerances (Strand 1)?

Allergens and Intolerances - Coeliac Disease - Lactose Intolerance Digestion - Define Digestion - Chemical vs Physical Digestion - Digestive System Diagram - Absorption of Nutrients

The Family and Good Home Management (Strand 2)?

Family - Types of Family - Factors Influencing Family Life - Functions of the Family - Rights and Responsibilities - Gender Roles and Stereotyping - Conflict - Communication Home Management - Types of Resources - Benefits of a Well Managed Home - Grocery Shopping Guidelines - Five Step Management System - Sequence of Work - Cleaning Agents and Machines

Home Design and Sustainable living (Strand 2)?

- Functions of the Home - Factors affecting Housing Choices - Communities and Amenities - Features of a Sustainable Home - Principles of Design - Room Planning Guidelines - The Work Triangle and Kitchen Work Sequence Sustainable Living - Key Environmental Terms - Types of Environmental Pollution - Home Heating - Electricity - Water Usage - Waste Management

Technology in the Home and Safety in the Home (Strand 2)?

Technology - Uses of Tech in the Home - Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Appliance for the Home - Guidelines for Purchasing - Using and Cleaning Cookers and Refrigerators - Disposing of Appliances Safety - Causes of Accidents in the Home - Prevention of Accidents - Fire in the Home - Gas in the Home - Warning/Safety Symbols

Responsible Family Living, Consumer Studies – Finances (Strand 2)?

- Gross and Net Income - Statutory and Voluntary Deductions - Essential and Non-Essential Expenditure - Money Management System and Budgeting - MABS - Saving, Credit and Filing Systems

Responsible Family Living: Consumer Studies P2 (Strand 2)?

- Goods and Services - Factors Influencing Decision Making - Decision making Process - Advantages and Disadvantages of online Shopping - Payment Methods - Advertising – Functions, Techniques, Standards and Merchandising Techniques - Consumer Rights and Responsibilities and Consumer Laws - Consumer Information and Consumer Protection Organizations - Consumer Complaints and Small Claims Court - Quality Symbols

Textiles and Craft: Textile Choices and Care (Strand 3)?

- Function of Clothing - Factors Influencing Fashion Trends - Use of Textiles in the Home - Textile Production, Care, Use and the Environment – Ethical and Sustainable Textile Use - Classification of Fibers and Fabrics - Sources, Properties and uses of Fabrics - Guidelines for Caring for Textiles – Care Symbols, Detergents, Conditioners and Tumble drying

Material Includes

  • September 2021 to April 2022 Grinds
  • 24 Weekly Live Online Grinds Classes
  • Classes Recorded for Revision Use
  • Advanced Issue of Class Notes
  • Q&A Session in Each Lesson
  • Less Than €10 per Class


  • Internet Connection
  • Zoom (Free or Paid)

Target Audience

  • Junior Cert Students

Live Online Grinds Subjects:

Applied Mathematics, Maths, English, Gaeilge, Geography, History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, Economics, Home Economics, Technology, Engineering, DCG, Computer Science, Religious Education, Construction Studies, Physical Education (LCPE), Politics and Society, Agricultural Studies, Science.


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