Gift a Grinds


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Buy Them an Education This Christmas

Gift a live online grinds course to someone special like a son, daughter or grandchild.

Help make their future a success.

Note* Each grinds you buy can be used for one subject, add more than one to your basket to increase the number of subjects the person can take and remember to add the persons name or email address to the “Additional Information” section on the checkout page.

If you have any questions, email us at or call us on 071 985 9881.


Tuition Farm’s live online grinds classes are taught by experienced tutors.

Classes are presented in a lecture style format with a Q & A session at the end.

Our style of teaching provides students with the opportunity to learn in an uninterrupted environment and equips them with the fundamental skills required for life in higher education.


The first stage of our course will run for 16 weeks (1 hour per week) from January to April and will cover content from the current curriculum.

The 16-week course is followed by a 1 day 5-hour intensive class that will focus on past exam papers.

Lesson are recorded, which allows students to go over the previous content covered or catch up on lessons they may have missed.

Courses start in January and registration will open in December.

The cost of our grinds courses (21 hours tuition) are only €199.