If the below questions and answers do not help you, please call us on 071 985 9881 or email us at info@tuitionfarm.ie.

How does it work?

All our grinds classes are conducted live via Zoom.

Our classes are taught in a lecture style format, this gives students the opportunity to learn in and interrupted environment and provides them with the fundamental skills required for life in further education.

Each class starts with an introduction from the teacher about the subject matter that will be covered in the lesson.

During the last 15 minutes of the lesson students have the opportunity to ask questions.

How do I book a grinds?

Browse and “Add to Basket” the subjects you want grinds for, then complete the checkout process.

You will receive a confirmation email for the purchase and to confirm that your place on the grinds course has been secured.

One week before your grinds class begins you will receive details on how to join your class.

That’s it’s, so easy…..let the learning begin.

How are classes presented?

Our online classes are taught live by experienced grinds teachers.

Each lesson is presented in a lecture style format with a Q & A session at the end.

Our style of teaching provides students with the opportunity to learn in an uninterrupted environment and equips them with the fundamental skills required for life in higher education.

Are the Junior Cert courses suitable for 1st & 2nd years?

Our grinds classes are aimed at any student within the Junior Cycle.

Over the 16-weeks we will cover topics from the Junior Cert curriculum.

While some content may be new to the younger students, it will be an excellent introduction and help reinforce their subject knowledge and understanding.

The 16-week course is followed by a 1-day 5-hour grinds in May, this class will give students a great insight into exam questions and technique, which should help their overall performance in their subject.

What happens if we miss a class?

All our grinds classes are recorded, so if you miss one you can easily catch up.

Students will be provided with the link to each class recording within 24 hours of the class ending.

When do the grinds courses begin?

Our next grinds courses begin in the last week of January 2021.

Each grinds course runs for 16 weeks for 1 hour each week.

This is followed by a 1 day 5 hour intensive class that will focus on past examination papers, it is designed to help prepare students for their exams in June.

Can I join the grinds courses after they have started?

Yes, all our classes are recorded, so you can join anytime and catch up by watching the recordings.

I have twins, do I need to buy a space for each child?


If they are doing the same subjects you only need to buy one grinds course, as they both can watch the lesson on the same computer or device.

Why are Tuition Farms grinds so cheap?

We deliver our grinds in a lecture style format, this means more students can take part and this allows us to keep our fees low.

Students still learn like they would anywhere else, they listen to the lectures and can even ask questions during the Q & A session held at the end of each class.

How do I contact Tuition Farm?

You can call us on 071 985 9881 between 10am and 6pm Monday to Friday or email us at info@tuitionfarm.ie.

Will there be summer grinds classes?

Yes, for those that want a head start, you will be able to sign up to summer grinds from April.

Can I sign up for grinds classes in September 2021?

Registration for September 2021 grinds classes will be available from June onward.

Where is Tuition Farm based?

We are based in Rossnowlagh, County Donegal.

Whats payments do you accept?

We accept Visa and MasterCard.

How is payment taken?

We use Stripe to process all our payments.

Stripe is one the worlds best and safest payment processing systems, which was set up by two well known Irish brothers, Patrick and John Collison.

Can I buy more than one grinds course?

Yes, add as many grinds classes as you want to your basket and checkout.

Can I buy a course as a gift for someone else?


If you are buying for someone else all you need to do is insert their email address in the ‘Additional Information‘ on the checkout page.

We will email them with the details on how to join the grinds class 1 week before it is due to start.

You will also receive a Presentation Gift Certificate that you can give to them.

You can buy our ‘Gift a Grinds’ by clicking this link:
Buy a Grinds

Are your grinds courses suitable for students with SEN’s?

Yes, our grinds courses are suitable for students with SEN’s.

Please see main points below;

Uninterrupted Classes
– Structured Timetable
– Lessons are not text heavy
– Advanced issue of lesson slides
– Same teachers for the duration of the course
– Recorded classes so students can go over lessons in own time

Will the lesson take place at the same day and time every week?

Yes, the lessons will happen on the same day and time every week.

A lesson may need to be rescheduled if the tutor has a problem that prohibits them from using their computer, such as illness, internet connection problems or power outages.

If a lesson is rescheduled students will be notified of the new time and date.

Do I need to buy Zoom?

No, you can use a Free Zoom account.

How much do the grinds courses cost?

We use a simple pricing system, all our grinds classes include 21 hours of tuition and each one costs only €199.

That’s under €10 a class.

When often do your grinds courses run?

We intend on running our grinds classes every January, June and September.

What is included in the €199 grinds classes?

21 hours of tuition.

The first stage runs for 16 weeks for 1 hour each week.

The second stage is a 1 day 5 hour intensive class that focuses on past examination papers, this class will really help students prepare for any upcoming exams.

If the above questions and answers do not help you, please call us on 071 985 9881 or email us at info@tuitionfarm.ie.